Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun
Uncasville, CT
August 24, 2018

Hatebreed spent their summer playing festivals across Europe. They’ve been seeing great success after the 2016 release of The Concrete Confessional, their seventh studio album. The track “Looking Down the Barrel of Today” has been one of Hatebreed’s top performing songs ever.

The opportunity came up for Hatebreed to play a one-off show in the US after their European run. Where better for them to play, than in their home state of Connecticut on a Friday night?

Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta

Tonight’s show was not about the success of “The Concrete Confessional,” but about recognizing the legacy that Hatebreed has created over nearly 25 years. The majority of the setlist consisted of songs off their first four albums, Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire, Perseverance, The Rise of Brutality, and Supremacy. And considering this was a show on their home turf, the crowd was “As Diehard as They Come,” and loved every minute of the setlist.

If you’ve never been to the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun, it’s a free venue in the middle of the casino floor. It’s a small room, with a capacity somewhere in the 300 range, but it opens out to the rest of the casino floor. I’ve seen some great acts play here, from Vince Neil to Skid Row to Dragonforce. Hatebreed is, by far, the heaviest act I’ve ever seen here. When it was announced, I found it kind of amusing. Something about the thought of a circle pit on the casino floor made me smile. The crowds turned out though, and Jamey Jasta and the rest of the guys in Hatebreed seemed to be having a blast. If you peeked your head out into the rest of the casino, you didn’t have to look far to find an old lady at a blackjack with her hands over her ears.

If you have an opportunity to see Hatebreed, don’t miss it, as they are really firing on all cylinders. In October they’ll be doing a US run co-headlining with GWAR, followed by more European dates in December.

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