Slash featuring Myles Kennedy
and the Conspirators

Mohegan Sun Wolf Den
October 6, 2018

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators

When we last saw Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, in 2015, if you had asked any existing or former members of Guns n’ Roses if they would ever reunite, they would have said “Not in this lifetime.” Well in 2016, we saw the “Not in this Lifetime” tour, as Slash and bass player Duff McKagan rejoined Axl Rose for a massive worldwide tour. What did this reunion mean for the conspirators?

Myles Kennedy and Slash

Certainly, there was a delay in any activity from this powerful group, but Slash always said he was still planning to continue on with it. When they regrouped, they were immediately firing on all cylinders, as if they had never spent a day apart. In September of 2018, they released their first album in four years, Living the Dream.

Besides just delaying any activity from the Conspirators, the GNR reunion has also made an impact in their live show. You could say that Slash’s itch for GNR material has been sufficiently scratched. On their 2015 tour, the conspirators were playing no fewer than 5 Guns N Roses song in their set, but tonight they played only 1, “Nighttrain.” Meanwhile they also only played one Velvet Revolver song, “Fall to Pieces.” Now that they’ve built a solid catalog with four albums, the Conspirators proved they’re not resting on the laurels of any members’ previous band.

Speaking of the other members of the band, it’s important to remember this show isn’t just about Slash. The band lineup has stayed solid since 2012, with Myles Kennedy (of Altar Bridge) on lead vocals, Brent Fitz on drums, Frank Sidoris on rhythm guitar, and Todd “Dammit” Kerns on bass. The Conspirators are a powerhouse band, that never falters in their performance.

It’s great to see that two years of selling out stadiums worldwide has not gone to Slash’s head, and he’s still out here, playing the music that he loves, to a crowd that’s as energetic as ever.


Standing in the Sun
Back From Cali
You’re a Lie
My Antidote
Fall to Pieces
Wicked Stone
Mind Your Manners
Driving Rain
We’re All Gonna Die
Doctor Alibi
World on Fire

The Call of the Wild

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