Within Temptation
House of Blues
Boston, MA
March 3, 2019

Within Temptation

Although the intro track broke at the beginning of the show, but when the lead singer of Within Temptation strutted across the stage waving a white flag, it’s not because she is surrendering. It’s because you are.

Within Temptation

This Dutch band, started in 1996, has Sharon Den Adel on lead vocals. Her voice is beautiful, and she wears a gorgeous gown with a smile to match. She even managed to make the combat boots sexy. Jeroen Van Veen, Rudd Jolie, Martin Spierebburg, Mike Coolen and Stefan Helleblad only play second fiddle when it comes to her looks. They all had the same passion and energy on stage.

The stage set up was impressive. There were many screens which showed different videos as the songs changed. Behind the drummer was a giant lighted circle, that looked like something out of Stargate. Any moment someone was going step through from another dimension, right on to the drum riser, which was being held up what resembled robot claws.

Their setlist varied from their first big single, “Ice Queen,” from 2002, all the way up to new tracks including “Raise Your Banner” and “Supernova,” from their latest album Resist. This latest album was released on February 1, 2019 and Sharon made a point of saying how impressed and touched she was that so many attendees were able to sing all the words to the new songs.

Don’t think symphonic metal is for you? Check out Within Temptation, we don’t think you’ll be able to resist.

Within Temptation

Raise Your Banner
The Reckoning
Endless War
In the Middle of the Night
Stand My Ground
All I Need
The Promise
The Cross
Ice Queen
Mercy Mirror
Paradise (What About Us?)
The Heart of Everything
What Have You Done
Mother Earth

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