Yungblud Brings Life on Mars to Boston – February 9, 2022

British singer Yungblud packed the House of Blues on Wednesday night, as part of his Life On Mars US Tour. With lines starting early on in the Fenway Park area, Yungblud’s fans were gearing up for an unforgettable evening. The atmosphere felt young and fresh, yet nostalgic, with plenty of 2000’s pop punk throwbacks and Y2K inspired looks in the crowd.

Charlotte Sands

Kicking things off was Boston’s own Charlotte Sands, with a short but emotional set including hits such as “Every Guy Ever” and “Dress”. Sands even assisted in a successful prom-proposal among the crowd, which would set the tone for the rest of the night. 

Palaye Royale

Switching gears, Paramore gave way to The Rolling Stones in the background, as the audience was getting ready for Palaye Royale. With their mix of pop, punk and pure rock & roll, the Las Vegas born band took the stage with a bang. Lead singer Remington Leith took the audience hostage and did not let go, jumping off the stage into the barricade, rolling and hanging around at any given time. The band blasted through the set full of electric hits like “Mr. Doctor Man”, “Lonely” and “Get Higher”, including a high energy cover of My Chemical Romance’s “Teenagers”, adding to the Y2K nostalgia.


The stage was set for Yungblud’s return to Boston, exploding after the lights went down and the curtain dropped. Starting off with “strawberry lipstick”, Yungblud taunted and flirted with the audience, with his characteristic explosive performance. With beloved hits like “parents” and “I Love You, Will You Marry Me”, the audience did not stop jumping and screaming, making sure to stay as loud as possible. Yungblud also made sure to spread the love with his ever present message of inclusivity and self acceptance, which was palpable in the diverse crowd. 

The night was filled with a rebellious, confident energy, with Yungblud’s “weird!”, “Loner” and “god save me, but don’t drown me out”, among others, including a cover of Machine Gun Kelly’s “I Think I’m OKAY”. In a special turn of events, Yungblud performed an impromptu encore outdoors, with a crowd flooding Lansdowne Street to join the singer on an evening neither will forget. 

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