Album Review
Shallow Side

January 2017

Shallow Side, the four member band from Alabama, recently released “One” on January 13th.  This 6 track EP features Eric Boatright on Vocals, Cody Hampton on Bass/Guitar, Seth Trimble on Guitar/Keyboard and Heath Fields on Drums. The band formed in 2010 and has had a few releases, along with some bumps along the road.  Their latest release, One,  is promoting a […]

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June, 2016

  If you don’t know his name already, you are about to learn it, and remember it.  RATIONALE is all the best parts of a new artist, with a little John Legend mixed into one. His voice is deep and soulful, his music is catchy, with some R&B roots. His lyrics are heartfelt and meaningful. His sound is new and […]

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Binary Code

May 2016

Binary Code is your basic Progressive Metal band. They have the normal electric guitar riffs, aggressive vocals and some mainstream rock touches, but then they soar above above the normal and hit you with some truly different songs and sounds. The band was formed in Bergen County, New Jersey, by Jesse Zuretti. In 2009 they released Suspension of Disbelief, and […]

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