Boston Manor

Be Nothing
September 30, 2016


We seem to be drowning in pop-punk bands at the moment.  It seems around every corner is a new group of singers, head bobbin’ drum beats and catchy chorus.

This isn’t one of those bands.

boston-manorSince 2013, Boston Manor (Dan, Ash, Henry, Jordan and Mike) has been cracking into the scene in the United Kingdom, and are ready to come to the US to take us by storm.  If you haven’t heard of them yet, don’t worry, you soon well.

Boston Manor is releasing an album this Friday, September 30, titled Be Nothing. It is a collection of pop-punk hits and guitar riffs, and a bit of a throwback to the 90’s.

Think Green Day, and stir in a little bit of Sum 41, but take out the JNCO jeans. Please.

Skip ahead to the track “Fossa”. It is full of emotion, a little bit slower with a deeper tone, less pop-punk and more emo. Then start from the beginning. Enjoy the contrast from the other high energy punk songs that come before it, and the vocals that Henry mixes into each song. Sometimes he’s gritty, someones he polished and smooth.

Boston Manor will be touring around the US this fall, stream the album HERE, order a copy HERE, and pencil in a date to see them live!



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