Album Review:
Don Jamieson
Communication Breakdown
April 2017

It’s been a little over a year since VH1 Classic decided not to pick up more episodes of That Metal Show. In the time since then, co-host Don Jamieson has been working new material, and
April 21 sees the release of his third comedy album, Communication Breakdown.

Previously, his sets have been a bunch of rapid fire jokes, but with this album, he decided to tell longer stories with the jokes. I had a chance to talk with Don about the album, and asked him about this creative decision. He spoked about how in this day and age, comedians have to deal with everybody being politically correct with what they say. “What was offensive two days ago is ok now, and what was ok three days ago is not okay now, so it’s a little bit more of a challenge to figure out where the audience is at any given moment. As far as the stories, it’s great, because I’m telling such a personal story about me, it just connects with the audience a little bit more.”

These are stories you’re not going to hear any other comedian tell, and they can get pretty weird. One of the standouts is drinking at a movie premier party with actor Kiefer Sutherland. I won’t spoil it, but after six Miller Lights, they had a fun night!

The album was recorded at The Funny Stop in Cuyahoga Falls, which Don said is one of his favorite places in the country to perform, that has a great old school vibe. The goal with this album was to get a raw feel, so you feel like you’re sitting there listening to the jokes.

Communication Breakdown is out now on Metal Blade records, and is definitely worth checking out. We’ll have our full interview with Don posted to listen to soon. He’ll be on tour all summer, so look for him in your area!

Communication Breakdown
1. Dave Mustaine Riffs, Intervention, Baby in t…
2. Sober, Finger-Banging, Drunk Logic
3. Weed, Cigs, Election 2016
4. Kiefer
5. Myrtle Beach
6. Free Clinic, Raccoons
7. Rockers Aren’t P.C.
8. Where Have All the Rock Stars Gone?
9. Rocking Women, Viking Metal, Big Four
10. Vagina No-No’s, Van Fucker, Doggie Style
11. Dating at 50, Threesome (Almost)
12. Brad & Angelina, Great Head, Mr. Brownstone
13. Johnny Depp

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