ALBUM REVIEW: Judas Priest – Invincible Shield

Heavy metal titans Judas Priest are back with their first studio album in six years, Invincible Shield.

Invincible Shield is the perfect successor to 2018‘s Firepower, with the band running on all cylinders. Priest once again worked with producer Andy Sneap, who in the interim has become the band’s touring guitarist. Bringing their distinctive Judas Priest-style, heavy metal to the world, the band did not drift far out of their lane with this one. Like the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Throughout the album, you will definitely catch influences of songs from earlier in Priest’s career, from heavy Painkiller or Screaming for Vengance vibes, to more theatrical sounds like you’d hear on Nostradamus.

The album starts off with their debut single, “Panic Attack,” a fast and heavy anthem that is sure to rock audiences. While there are other heavy songs, like “The Serpent and the King”, and “Trial by Fire”, you’ll also find songs like “Crown of Horns,” which is… not quite a power ballad, but certainly an anthemic rock song. The album finishes with the mid-tempo “Giants in the Sky,” which takes the listener on a dynamic journey.

If those 11 songs aren’t enough for you, the deluxe edition of the album features three bonus tracks. The highlight of those three is “The Lodger,” which features some very dramatic chord changes that really catch the ear. Rather than a long, drawn-out ending, “The Lodger” closes with only Halford’s voice, as the rest of the music stops suddenly. 

Judas Priest soon heads out on the Invincible Shield tour, with European dates starting next week, and a US tour starting in mid-April. I’m looking forward to seeing what new songs the band works into their setlist… I’ve got my fingers crossed for “The Serpent and the King.” Look forward to our coverage of the band’s visit to Boston on April 25 . Find the full list of tour dates and album details at

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