June, 2016



If you don’t know his name already, you are about to learn it, and remember it.  RATIONALE is all the best parts of a new artist, with a little John Legend mixed into one. His voice is deep and soulful, his music is catchy, with some R&B roots. His lyrics are heartfelt and meaningful. His sound is new and clean.  His songs are not monotonous.   

RATIONALE was born in Zimbabwe, where his mother introduced him to her eclectic record collection early on.  He moved to London and found a love for late ‘90s rock and indie music.  His amazing sound has already caught the ears and support of Pharell Williams and Elton John.  He has played on Later…With Jools Holland, and is embarking on a North American Tour, with some sold out dates.

The latest single “Palms”, has an amazing beat.  There is a layer of sounds, each adding a note to make it perfect.  The song starts with a quick run of notes, then it crashes into his vocals.  His voice is powerful without being scary.  He doesn’t raise it or lower it, it’s deep and caring.  

If you combine his previous releases, “Something for Nothing”, and “Fuel to the Fire” they have given him over 14 million listens on Spotify.  So far “Something for Nothing”, is my personal favorite. It made me want to sing a-long, even though I didn’t know the words.

I can not wait to learn more words, and I am excited for this album release in September!  Take a listen to his latest single, “Palms” HERE , and watch “Something for Nothing” below.  Let us know what you think of RATIONALE!





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