Vans Warped Tour
The Heirs

July 13, 2016


We are getting pretty excited about the Van’s Warped Tour around here! With just under a month to go, we are getting our tickets together, lenses, microphones and interview questions. We are going to spend the next few weeks showcasing some of the bands that will be there. It’s a crazy day full of great music and people, and we want you to be prepared!

downloadFirst up; The Heirs. An electro-pop 5-member band, that has really been making a name for themselves. Savannah Hudson (lead vocals) and Brandon Hudson (lead vocals and guitar) are brother and sister, and the stand out stars of this group.  I spent some time searching and couldn’t find them saying anything negative about each other.  Considering Savannah travels around and performs with him (and 3 other men), I was impressed! In a interview with Bandsintown, Savannah stated that: “Outside of music we are actually friends and we laugh and do stupid things with the rest of the band. We are all very close and it makes touring so much better.” Alex Flagstad on guitar, Eian McNeely on bass/keys, and Brennan Benko on drums, round out the rest of this talented and close group.

They gained recognition from being on the show “America’s Got Talent”, and their success has risen from there. They completed a tour that had well known venues like The Roxy, Webster Hall and Shubas in Chicago on it, and most of them were sold out!

Their current single, “What You Want,” is exactly what you want. An ode to the 80’s, with the perfect amount of drums and guitars. The electronic keyboard creates a beat that grabs you and forces you to sway with it. The vocals are easy to understand and sing along with, which is a must for any pop creation like this. This whole song, from start to finish, hooked me and didn’t let go.

The other thing I take into consideration when I start getting excited for a show like this, is the performance. I’ve seen groups with great songs lose something on stage. They forget to engage the audience with their music. After watching the video for this, I have set the bar high for them. I am excited! They look like they are having fun, they are dressed to have fun.  At some point they are playing gold instruments underwater.  They are smiling, and they are laughing. If they can bring that same energy to the stage, paired with their addicting electronic pop music, and amazing 70’s/80’s/ fashion, this will be a set you don’t want to miss!

Check out the video below for “What You Want”…… You know you want to!


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