Don’t Feed The Birds

Hatchlings EP
“New Romantics” Cover


I have gotten bit by the social media bug. I’ve got Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. I’ve been known to check in on Swarm from time to time. YouTube remembers what I watch and recommends other things I may like.

The internet, for better or worse, has changed music forever.

It is so much easier to find new music now. Up and coming artists are right at your finger tips, sharing their music right in front of you. You can stream it, share it, like it, friend it, follow it.

Don’t Feed The Birds is taking full advantage of this. I received a notification saying “DFTB started following you,” so I clicked to see who it was. A electronic metal rock band from Orlando, Florida. They were pushing their latest single, a cover of Taylor Swift’s “New Romantics.”

I went from Instagram, to Youtube. I was so impressed with the song, that I searched for more. It lead me to their website where I could stream their EP “Hatchling.”

With just 5 songs, the normal for a EP, I was able to listen quickly, so I could listen to it again. Then obviously, listen to it again.

This unsigned band, relatively unknown with just over 1,000 likes on Facebook, blew me away. The songs are put together well, with just the right amount of screaming and electronic beats. There are catchy vocals, amazing drum beats and guitar riffs to give even the biggest bands a run for their money.

The single “Find Your Way Back” is great, but “Ghost” is my favorite track. It has a absolutely killer intro. The electronic beat doesn’t quit. Mixed in with a short guitar solo and slow growling, I can’t begin to express how much this track stands out.

This band deserves your like, love, follow, stream, download. Join “The Flock!”

Don’t Feed The BirdsHatchlings
1. Burn
2. You’re so scared
3. Ghost
4. A Million Miles
5. Find Your Way Back

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