Ministry Unleashes Their Industrial Strength in Boston – March 15, 2022

Industrial powerhouse Ministry took over the House of Blues on Tuesday night on their Industrial Strength Tour. Led by Al Jourgensen, the band presented their latest release, Moral Hygiene, recorded and produced during lockdown, with their quintessential confronting sound.

Corrosion of Conformity

The evening started off with North Carolina metal icons Corrosion of Conformity, bringing the energy to the highest levels right off the bat. With a heavy and demanding presence, the band led by Pepper Keenan kicked off with a blast. From “Albatross” to “Diablo Blvd”, C.O.C. grabbed hold of the growing crowd and left them wanting more.


With the energy still high, it was time for the Melvins to take over. With Buzz Osborne at the forefront, the Washington-born band erupted on stage like a nuclear explosion. Living up to their reputation, the Melvins brought their loud, unapologetic sounds, with tunes like “The Kicking Machine”, “Anaconda” and “Honey Bucket”. As the audience warmed up, the crowd surfing began. The entire set felt both energetic and dirty, the perfect combination to drive the Boston crowd wild.


It was now time for the chain link fence to go up. Originally a 30th anniversary celebration tour for The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste, Ministry brought back their iconic caged performance this time around. The energy got wilder by the minute, as the fence went up and the lights went down. In a display of support, the band paid tribute to the citizens of Ukraine, displaying the Ukrainian flag on screen before taking the stage.

Kicking the night off with “Breathe” and “The Missing”, the band taunted the crowd from their side, pacing around and pushing against the fence. Al Jourgensen’s stage presence is as powerful as ever, like a wild animal in a cage. The audience responded by completely letting go, mosh pit opened, crowd surfers jumping, beer cans thrown at the fence, you name it, it happened. 

Ministry’s dominance is undeniable, and the presence of the iconic chain link fence created an almost primal connection between the band and the audience. A perfect celebration for one of industrial metal’s most influential bands. Make sure to experience it in a city near you

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