Peach Pit at Big Night Live, Boston, MA – April 1, 2022

April Fools Day in Boston came in an unconventional fashion, with performances from Vancouver band, Peach Pit, rocking a sold-out show at Big Night Live. 

Haley Blais

An energetic crowd filled the venue, and the energy was immediately reciprocated in the form of opener Haley Blais. Accompanying Peach Pit on their “From 2 to 3” tour, Blais was able to grab the audiences’ attention and take them on a ride with her acoustic guitar.  Definitely someone to watch out for in the future, the Lana Del Rey-esque songs were sure to give Haley hundreds more listeners in the Boston area.

Peach Pit

Returning for their fourth time in Boston, British Columbia band, Peach Pit, was greeted by 2000 die-hard fans, ready to sing all their favorite songs. After cancelling their 2021 tour due to Covid-19, fans were ready to see them live after months of waiting.  Songs like “Seventeen” or “Vickie” were instant crowd pleasers, while others such as “Up Granville” or “Tommy’s Party” showed off impressive guitar solos by the bands’ lead guitarist, Christopher Vanderkooy.  Although only released recently, fans sung every word to new songs from the new album, From 2 to 3.

Released in early March, Peach Pits’ highly anticipated third studio album has shown to be another amazing addition in their discography, and is solidifying them as one of the top Indie artists to come out of British Columbia.  Peach Pit will likely return to Boston with more sold out shows, so listeners be sure to be on the lookout for tour dates!

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