Animals As Leaders Brings Parrhesia to Boston – April 12, 2022

Progressive metal band Animals As Leaders took over Big Night Live in Boston on Tuesday night, bringing their latest release, Parrhesia, out on the road. Fans were excited and showed up early in the evening, ready for what would be a multi-sensory experience. 


Starting things off would be Toronto based Intervals, with a powerful mix of electronic and heavy elements to create a unique metal sound. The band was excited to be back in Boston, and it was clear the crowd was excited to have them. With a smooth, yet impactful sound, Intervals delivered a mind-blowing instrumental set, with tunes like “Lock & Key” and “String Theory”. It would be the perfect warmup for what would be coming next. 

Animals As Leaders

Around 9pm, Animals As Leaders took the stage with their distinctly intricate sound and a minimalistic, yet impressive light show, which would follow the music throughout the night. Excitement from fans could be physically felt, with the floor shaking as the crowd erupted when the band stepped out. The show kicked off with “Tooth and Claw” and “Tempting Time”, capturing the audience immediately. 

The experience was a ride, both visually and musically. The simplicity of the setup provides Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes and Matt Garstka with enough space to experiment and fully immerse the audience in the depth of the music. Abasi’s lead guitar is pure insanity, which is equally matched by Reyes and Garstka. The band also dedicated a good portion of the set to Parrhesia, with new tracks such as “Conflict Cartography” and “Micro-Aggressions”, in what would be an unforgettable evening for fans. 

The word Parrhesia means boldness, freedom of speech – the perfect way to describe the unapologetic energy that comes from Animals As Leaders, not only in their new album, but their entire catalog. Check out the last few shows of the 2022 tour in a city near you

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