Phoebe Bridgers in Portland, Maine – June 9, 2022

The last thing I would call this show would be boring. That is the opposite of a Phoebe Bridgers concert, even though she is classified as an “Indie Folk” artist, she knows how to put on a hell of a show.


The opening act, Claud is a very impressive young artist. At the age of 23, they released their debut album “Super Monsters” last year. Got the crowd pumped up with their songs That’s Mr. Bitch too you, Guard Down, and their well-known song Soft Spot. Claud and their other members had great stage energy and you could tell they were grateful to be supporting Phoebe’s tour.

Phoebe Bridgers

If you don’t know who Phoebe Bridgers is, you might be surprised at how she opened her show, with the band walking on stage to a heavy metal song, while the majority of her songs are slow, soothing, love ballads. It might be considered strange, but she was still able to maintain that heavy, badass energy through the entirety of her show. Starting it off with her only two upbeat and higher tempo songs “Kyoto” and “Motion Sickness,” she got the crowd already screaming the words back and dancing. Being a rockstar isn’t the only thing Phoebe Bridgers is known for, about halfway through the show, she made sure to have the crowd aware of what she believes in, LGBTQ+ rights, as well as women’s rights. She made it known that at previous shows she’s had audience members leave the show when she started talking about it (receiving a massive boo from the crowd) to quote her directly “I just wanna say if you don’t like any of those things, get the fuck outta my show.”

The reason people fell in love with Phoebe Bridgers is because her lyrics are real, they’re filled with so much raw emotion you can’t help but relate. She sings directly from the heart which is something you don’t see too often anymore. If you have the opportunity, do yourself a favor and see Phoebe on the rest of her REUNION TOUR!

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