The Driver Era in New York City – August 4, 2022

The Driver Era brought their tour to The Rooftop at Pier 17 in New York City. Joining them on this tour are Summer Salt and Almost Monday.

Almost Monday

With a view casting over New York City, there’s no better way for this show to take off. Almost Monday kicked off the show with an amazing energy that already had the crowd jumping up and down. Playing a few of their hit songs, like “Sunburn” and “Broken People,” as well as  having intimate moments with the crowd, you can tell that things are only going to go up for this band.

Summer Salt

Summer Salt, the indie pop duo from Texas, was the second act of the evening, bringing a captivating array of colors and deep lyrics to the audience. At this point, the venue was almost to full capacity. You could just tell by looking at the crowd that Summer Salt connected with their fans. As an artist, that’s the goal and they achieved it.

The Driver Era

The Driver Era, is a duo consisting of brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch. These two have been making waves in the music scene for the last decade. Ross Lynch is no stranger to performing, having first been the front man of the Disney Channel show Austin & Ally, followed by his former band R5, and now The Driver Era. The minute the first member of the band came out the crowd couldn’t stop screaming, and they did not stop until the band left the stage. On a night that was roughly 95 degrees, the group was making it a constant effort to check in with the crowd, spraying them with the occasional stream from a water gun and having security pass out water. Ross was constantly pulling out dance moves that got the crowd going crazy as well as having the crowd sing the lyrics for him.

These three bands are absolute powerhouses and you should definitely see them finish out their Summer Tour.

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