My Chemical Romance Returns to Boston – September 7, 2022

Beloved emo band My Chemical Romance took over a very sold out TD Garden, on the first of two shows in Boston. The city was packed with fans with thick eyeliner and outstanding outfits, ready to witness the band’s long awaited reunion tour, joined by Badflower and Thursday.


Kicking things off was California rock band Badflower. The short but energetic set focused heavily on the band’s latest album, This Is How The World Ends. Lead singer Josh Katz interacted with the audience often; he jumped into the crowd, ran around the floor area and had fans hold the mic for him to sing into. Badflower’s energy was contagious, the perfect start to the evening. 


It was now time for Thursday to take the stage. The screamo veterans from New Jersey captivated the audience, with fan favorites like  “Understanding in a Car Crash”. Singer Geoff Rickly mentioned that some people in the audience may not know about them, but the crowd proved them wrong as they sang along to “Cross Out The Eyes”. The performance was packed with feel good energy, leaving fans ready for the main act.

My Chemical Romance

A red curtain covered the back of the stage, as abstract figures and a screechy white noise filled the arena. The anticipation was building up quickly, and fans couldn’t wait a second longer. The lights went down, and immediately the floor started to shake as the crowd jumped and screamed. The band slowly took their positions, with singer Gerard Way dressed in an all black catsuit, slick back hair and black and white makeup evoking images of Black Swan. New single “The Foundations of Decay” would open the show, picking up speed with the classic “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”. 

The crowd was excited to finally see the band after a long hiatus, and the energy could be felt all over the place. From small mosh pits to crowd surfers, fans showed their devotion in every way possible. Many could be seen in tears, screaming, fists in the air. The band reciprocated the love with a string of fan favorites like “Teenagers”, “Welcome to the Black Parade” and “Bury Me In Black”. Barely taking a breath, Gerard Way would occasionally address the audience, with the promise of making things sound really nice, and fans agreed. 

After “Famous Last Words” and “Give ‘Em Hell, Kid”, the performance came to a close with the beloved “Helena”. My Chemical Romance is a band that speaks to millions of kids that saw themselves reflected in the songs, and the sold out arena was proof of the power the band still holds after all these years. It’s certainly not a phase, it’s the sound of an entire generation.

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