James Bay at Irving Plaza in New York City – September 7, 2022

After this concert, you can find me on the next flight to the UK. James Bay was truly electric, given his most recent album, Leap, I will also be leaping into all things James Bay. A brilliant collection of vocals and sound flooded the Irving Plaza’s ballroom yesterday evening. Fans cheered, and a few were brought to tears, when he started singing one of his well known hits, “Hold Back the River”. You could say many were holding back their own rivers of emotion during this performance, his music absolutely provides a deep emotional value to his wide audiences. 

Bay, a talented guitarist, as well as an astounding singer and songwriter, played numerous guitar solos. Each one was somehow more invigorating than the one that came before. His musical talents were equally as profound as his vocal mastery. He opened with newer tracks off of his two latest albums, Leap and Electric Light, all with a more positive message than earlier albums. His most popular song, “Let it Go,” is a well known, and traditionally speaking, a “sad song.” It’s a song that many people probably wouldn’t be willing to admit publicly how many times they have cried to. Bay shared with the crowd that the reasoning behind his change in tone is all thanks to his lovely new wife Lucy. This concert was one to remember, James is very engaged with his crowds – many times he stopped playing to address people in the audience who were really having the best evening. Bay is a powerful musician, and his work has a grasp on his listeners. Listen to his latest album Leap on all streaming platforms!

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