The Garden in Atlanta, GA – October 10, 2022

The Garden delivered an electric performance to a sold out show at the Underground Atlanta. This was the first of 2 nights performing in Atlanta, where they were performing their entire long-awaited new album, Horseshit on Route 66. Featuring new hits like ”Chainsaw the Door” and ”Orange County Punk Rock Legend,” the band still played classic Garden anthems like ”AMPM Truck” and ”Call This Number Now.”

The band has become more and more popular over the years, now clocking in with about a million monthly listeners on spotify. Even though they’ve played festivals like Camp Flaw Gnaw, Coachella and Riot fest, the duo still brings the energy and vibe of an underground punk show. The stage was completely empty, with the exception of Fletchers drum set and Wyatt’s Bass, and a huge poster of their jester logo behind them – that’s all they need to bring a great show.

The experimental duo has 7 albums total, all bringing something different, The Garden has the energy of fast paced punk rock music, but with a twist of eccentric lyrics, and pulsing synths and drums. The Orange County natives have garnered a large fan base over the years, touring and bringing this new genre to light. The Garden feels liberating and inspiring to listen to, showing true artistic expression.

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