Sabaton at MGM Music Hall in Boston – October 21, 2022

Swedish metal masters Sabaton took over a packed MGM Music Hall in Boston on Friday night, as part of The Tour to End All Tours, joined by special guests Epica.


Dutch symphonic metal icons Epica kicked off the evening with the galloping “Abyss of Time – Countdown to Singularity”, off their 2021 album Omega. The crowd was captivated immediately by the band’s characteristic mix of heavy sounds and stunning operatic vocals. Many hardcore fans were seen at the barricade chanting along, especially during the classic “Cry For The Moon”. 

The band kept the audience engaged at all times, and even guitarist Isaac Delahaye jumped off stage and played amongst the crowd during “Code of Life”. As the set came to a close, singer Simone Simons asked the audience to start a wall of death, making sure to keep the safety of the younger fans in mind. 


It was now time for Sabaton to arrive, as the tank drum riser was revealed. The stage resembled a battlefield, and a recap of World War I served as an introduction. Looking over barbed wire, Sabaton defiantly took the stage to “Ghost Division”. They would introduce tracks off their most recent release, 2022’s The War To End All Wars, intertwined with fan favorites like “Shiroyama” and “Primo Victoria”.

The interaction between the band and the crowd was constant, with singer Joakim Broden often talking to fans directly. At one time he noticed a group holding a large Swedish flag, and after wondering if they were true nationals or “Ikea Swedish”, and proceeded to test their authenticity by asking them to sing the Swedish national anthem. The crowd cheered as the group sang along immediately. Fans also joined in several times, lighting up their phones for “Christmas Truce”, or sitting down and rowing during “Swedish Pagans”. Broden would also bring a young fan on stage towards the end of the show. 

The heroic “To Hell and Back” would close a breathtaking show that both Sabaton and the fans in attendance will not forget anytime soon. As the band wraps up their North American tour, make sure to follow them as they make their way to Australia and Europe in 2023.

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