Trivium in Boston – October 28, 2022

Heavy metal band Trivium stormed the House of Blues in Boston on Friday night, as part of their Deadmen And Dragons Tour. The band is out on the road with Between The Buried and Me, Whitechapel and Khemmis. The show kicked off in the early evening, with fans packing the Fenway area venue as soon as doors opened.


Hailing from Colorado, doom metal band Khemmis kicked things off with the powerful “Avernal Gate”, off their latest album, Deceiver. Their energy captured the crowd immediately, as they presented a taste of each of their previous albums in the short but strong set. Vocalist Phil Pendergast shared his gratitude with the fans, and emphasized how meaningful the tour was for the band. They would close on a high note with “A Conversation With Death”, setting the stage perfectly for the rest of the night.


It was now time for deathcore band Whitechapel to take over. They got the crowd going upon walking out on stage; crowdsurfers slowly made their way towards the barricade, and circle pits started forming. The band opened up with “I Will Find You”, one of the many tracks present off their latest release, Kin. The band’s sound was electrifying, from the guitar trio in the frontlines, to Phil Bozeman’s powerful vocals, and the crowd went wild for the entire performance. The band focused almost exclusively on their newer tracks, switching gears for the closer “Doom Woods”. Whitechapel’s energy left the audience riled up and ready for more.

Between The Buried And Me

Progressive metal band Between The Buried and Me was up next, bringing in a change of pace in the vibe of the show. They kicked off with “Sun of Nothing”, off their 2021 album Colors II, setting the tone for the rest of the performance: lengthy tracks packed with twists and turns. The audience slowed down as well, taking in every note, with many excited hardcore fans amongst the crowd. The stunning lighting setup accompanied the performance, matching the intricate rhythm and time changes on every song. The band mainly focused on the Colors albums, closing out the mesmerizing set with “The Future Is Behind Us”


As the curtain was set up on the stage, the anticipation kept growing. Iron Maiden’s “Run To The Hills” played in the background, signaling the show would start soon. The entire room was chanting along as the lights went down for Trivium to take over. Surrounded by two giant red eyed dragons, Trivium erupted onto the stage to “What The Dead Men Say”, and the audience went wild immediately. A flood of crowdsurfers went over the barricade from all sides, as the set picked up intensity with “Like Light to the Flies”. Frontman Matt Heafy interacted with the audience often, encouraging them to go harder than fans in the previous stop of the tour.

“In The Court of The Dragon” ushered in the second half of the show, one of the few newer tracks off the 2021 album with the same name. The set had a balanced mix of new material, as well as older tracks like “Shogun” and “To The Rats”, and fans responded well to the fierce energy coming from the stage. Circle pits formed all throughout the night, as “In Waves” brought the show to a close, for fiery evening to kick off halloween weekend the right way: with a tidal wave of unapologetic metal. Make sure to catch the Deadmen And Dragons Tour as they make their way through the US and Latin America in a city near you.

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