Caroline Polachek in Washington DC – May 19th, 2023

American alternative pop singer Caroline Polachek took to the stage in Washington, DC on May 19th as part of the “Spiraling Tour.” Promoting her recent album release, “Desire, I Want to Turn Into You,” Polacheck’s tour stopped at a sold-out The Anthem, marking her biggest headline show to date. Evolved beyond her previous success with the synth-pop duo, Chair Lift, Polachek’s solo career appeared both matured and nearly fully realized with her recent tour. The packed audience, decorated in her tour merch and singing every word of her songs, seemed to agree. Polachek demands attention for every second she occupies the stage. More than just a talented musician, she is truly a captivating performer, the main character even. Unafraid to dance, she sprang and spun across the stage, though her dramatic movements never interrupted her impressive vocal quality. Belting long, high notes without a hint of a waiver appears to be no challenge to the Manhattan-born singer, who brought super-bowl level choreography and vocals to the standing-room venue. 

Polachek finds her sound somewhere between bright, synthy pop, punchy flamenco percussion, and passionate, love-sick ballads. Eclectic in her influences and style of her own record, every next song felt entirely new from the previous. “Scorny” is how Polachek herself describes some of her tracks, which she explains to be a mix between scary and horny. It’s a fitting description for the overall atmosphere of her show in DC with both her music and visuals creating a deeply sensual concert experience in many different ways. In an intentionally post-apocalyptic theme for her outfit, she moved the audience with her voice on a stage decorated with sand dunes and a bright red sun. Polachek’s unique performance brought a truly otherworldly atmosphere to Washington, leaving fans excited for what is to come as she continues developing creatively as a break-out solo act.

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