Godsmack at the Mohegan Sun Arena – May 28, 2023

Godsmack made their last stop on the “Best of Times World Tour” at the Mohegan Sun Arena with the support of their opening act, Austin Meade.

Austin Meade

Opening act Austin Meade got the night started off in Connecticut. Their sound initially did not seem to fit with Godsmack. They have more of an 80’s rock vibe with a touch of country influence. It would be expected that Austin Meade would open for a band like Dirty Honey, but they rocked out hard and the audience could be seen jamming along with them to hits like “Happier Alone” and “BLACKOUT”. Austin Meade absolutely knew how to bring the fun too. Not only could the band be found headbanging with their luxuriously long locks, but they brought beach balls for the pit, and even a handheld t-shirt cannon launcher. They clearly knew the Godsmack fans were there for a good time, and Austin Meade provided exactly that. They ended up being the perfect Godsmack opener the fans didn’t know they wanted.


Throughout New England, Godsmack shows always attract large crowds, but this show at the Mohegan Sun Arena was completely packed. Some of this can be attributed to the announcement from the band that their eighth studio album, Lighting Up the Sky, would be their final. Also, the band has alluded to the fact that they will stop touring indefinitely in the very near future. Surely, fans took note and were sure not to miss this show.

Godsmack opened strong with their hits “When Legends Rise” and “Cryin’ Like a Bitch!!” Next, they treated the crowd with a new track, “Soul on Fire”. Frontman Sully Erna addressed the crowd, “It feels so good to be back home after being on the road the last month.” Erna remarked, “let’s light this place on fire!” Just then, massive flames came from behind the speakers and could be felt throughout many of the floor seats. The band definitely made the electrifying impact they were going for while showcasing this song.

Next up were some of their most recognizable smash hits, like “Bulletproof,” “Awake,” and “Voodoo”. Just when the crowd thought Godsmack could be thinking of slowing down for the night, singer Sully Erna started the iconic “Batalla De Los Tambores.” This battle includes singer, Sully Erna, and the band’s drummer, Shannon Larkin, as they duel with each other on their respective drum sets. This contest was truly spectacular to witness.

Just when everyone thought Erna might have used up every bit of energy and musical talents on the drums, the fans were treated with the band’s hardest hitting, probably most popular track, “Whatever.” At this point, every single person in the arena either had their phone out documenting the performance, or they were belting out the lyrics, living in the moment, with Godsmack.

Sully Erna always finds more to give to his fans and, of course, there was a well-deserved encore. First was the ballad, “Under Your Scars.” Not only was this a powerful performance where Erna passionately played on the piano, but he also spoke from the heart about the Scars Foundation the band started which focuses on addressing mental health issues. Finally, the last song of the night was “I Stand Alone” where the band displayed more exciting pyrotechnics to end the night literally with bang!

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