T-Pain in Boston, MA – July 12, 2023

T-Pain took his “Escape From Wiscansin” tour to the MGM Music Hall at Fenway venue in Boston, MA. The tour name is a nod to his hit song, “Can’t Believe It”, where he pronounced Wisconsin, “Wiscansin”, to make it rhyme with “mansion”. T-Pain’s opening acts included Tobi Lou, NandoSTL, and Young Cash.

Young Cash

The Jacksonville, Florida rapper got the audience in the right mood for the night with his catchy track, “Freak”. Young Cash has collaborations with other artists that would be performing that night like NandoSTL and T-Pain making him the perfect choice to get things kicked off while the Boston crowd was starting to pour in.


Fernando Tillman II who goes by NandoSTL was discovered by T-Pain in 2022. NandoSTL entered a competition through the live streaming service, Twitch, and even though he did not win the competition, he made such an impact on T-Pain he decided to sign him to his label and take him out on this tour.

NandoSTL has only been signed for less than a year and already has a newly released T-Pain collaboration song entitled, “Y.O.T.A”. He has also learned a few things about showmanship in his short-time on the scene because he had the entire crowd yelling back his song lyrics. He addressed the crowd and said he’s aware most people are there for T-Pain and probably do not know him, but he wanted them to get to know each other and get the audience involved. He taught everyone the lyrics “God gave me breath today” and signaled to the crowd when to shout it out and the crowd was eating it up.

Tobi Lou

The Chicago based rapper-singer came out strong with his unique fashion and his smooth, soulful rap flows. Tobi Lou started off his set wearing an oversized puffy large coat which he removed a few songs into his set, revealing his extremely chiseled 6-pack. It was easy to see that Tobi Lou was previously a minor league baseball player with hopes to make it to the major leagues before an injury changed his path from sports into music. With millions of Spotify listeners each month and being the support on a tour with T-Pain, it’s safe to say Tobi Lou’s life is on a successful trajectory. 


Promoting and celebrating his newly released album, “On Top of the Covers”, T-Pain took the stage at the MGM Music Hall at Fenway. T-Pain was sporting a bright yellow suit and had an alien-themed background. He had set up exciting visuals for the audience to enjoy, but it was absolutely his voice and hit songs that took center stage.

During his set, T-Pain let the crowd know he has been independent for a few years now and he wasn’t sure if people were still going to show up to support him on tour. He said initially people were telling him he didn’t sell very many tickets in Boston. Then he started to tear up a bit when he said, “I showed up here and found out we sold this place out! Thank you Boston!”

Many of his classic hits were played such as “Bartender”, “Cyclone”, and “Buy U a Drank”. These had the entire place going wild and T-Pain barely had to sing because the crowd was screaming out each word. T-Pain did play some of the tracks from his new CD that is a collection of cover songs with his own spin on the tracks. Even if concert goers did not have a chance to hear his new album just yet, many were familiar with songs such as Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs”.

With brand-new signed talent, newly released music, and sold-out venues even when he has gone independent, T-Pain has proven he has longevity and will be giving his fans more to enjoy in the foreseeable future.

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