Amyl and the Sniffers in Boston – November 04, 2023

Australian punk rockers Amyl and The Sniffers took Roadrunner by storm, on what was the closing date of their successful US Tour. Joined by Gym Shorts and Die Spitz, the rowdy gang put on a high intensity show that felt like a celebration. From kids with their parents to old school punks sporting mohawks, the growing audience was incredibly diverse and just as rowdy, making for a wild night.


Indie rockers GYMSHORTS kicked off the evening with a bang. Hailing from Rhode Island, the band started off with a blast of energy that demanded everyone’s attention. The powerful performance was fast and furious, filled with wild punk attitude. As lead singer Sarah Greenwell introduced “I’m The Jeff Gordon of Our Generation”, crowdsurfers started making their way to the stage, a fitting starting point for the rest of the evening.

Die Spitz

Fans barely had a moment to catch their breath as Austin rockers Die Spitz stormed the stage. The all-female punk rock outfit started off with “Slater”, full of explosive energy and a strong stage presence. The band managed to power through a few technical difficulties throughout the set, keeping their attitude and humor despite the setbacks. From high voltage punk to grunge, Die Spitz lit up the room and kept fans moshing and crowdsurfing.

Amyl and the Sniffers

After two intense opening sets, it was now time for the main act to take over. As Shania Twain’s “Man, I Feel Like A Woman” filled the room, the band casually walked on stage, dancing around as they took their spots. From the very beginning, it was clear that this was a party, and the audience was more than ready. “Control” erupted like a lightning bolt, with frontwoman Amy Taylor running around the stage, like a menacing presence. She wasted no time and jumped into the pit soon after, pacing around and jumping on the barricade to interact closely with fans. The feral connection between the band and their fans was evident, creating a sense of community in the entire room.

The band continued their onslaught with the likes of “Security” and “Maggot”, as fans chanted along. Amy Taylor’s dominance was stunning to witness, going from wild and aggressive to soft and candid; she took the time to share their excitement, as well as some personal stories behind some of the songs. There was also a hefty dose of on-stage banter amongst the whole band, bringing the performance to an almost intimate level despite the size of both the venue and the crowd.

As moshers went wild in the pit and crowdsurfers kept flooding the front of the barricade, the frenetic show moved swiftly, with a beautifully chaotic ending: the band was joined by Die Spitz on stage for an explosive performance of “Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)”. Wildly unhinged and full of camaraderie, fans got a close look of the deep respect and connection amongst all touring bands, as they thrashed and hugged in equal amounts. Die Spitz’s singer took advantage of the momentum and eagerly encouraged young girls to continue to play guitars and get into rock and roll, a sentiment that sums up the tour perfectly. Amyl and The Sniffers, Die Spitz and GYMSHORTS brought forward female fronted rock with strength and rage, taking their rightful place in the scene and leading a new generation of girl rockers across the world.

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