Album Review
Three Days Grace
March 2015

Being human can be an emotional struggle. We, the human race, deal with heartbreak, pain, addiction, fear, anger and so many more. Three Days Grace does not fail showing the battles we face as mankind in the recent release of their fifth studio album, Human. This is the band’s first album with new vocalist, Matt Walst, who joined the band’s lineup two years ago.

Three Days Grace Press Photo

Three Days Grace

“After the first show with Matt, we all kind of knew that Matt was the guy to fill in the shoes. He’s doing a great job, the fans really love him, he’s a great frontman and he’s just a great kid at heart. So surprisingly it was pretty seamless,” said Brad Walst, the band’s bassist. “Our fans really embraced what we were doing and they understood that this was chapter of life and went along with it. We’re very fortunate to have Matt around and very fortunate to have two number one singles with Matt, you know, its something I thought would never happen but it’s pretty amazing and we definitely owe that to the fans. We’re forever grateful for that, for sure. Matt’s got a lot of energy live, you know, he’s a little bit younger than us and he definitely makes us step it up a bit.”

Produced by Gavin Brown (Three Days Grace’s self-titled and a majority of One-X) the band revisited their old heavy sound that fans could easily recognize as the classic 3DG sound. From Barry Stock’s very epic guitar riffs, heavy drum beats provided by Neil Sanderson, to Brad Walst’s booming bass rhythms; all of these instrumentals screaming out the Three Days Grace style the beloved fans know added with Matt Walst’s powerful, unique pipes.

This perfectly mixed 12-track record is filled with catchy choruses and gloriously heavy sounds, each track giving off unique, indescribable sounds and all telling the different aspects of humankind. “We realized that after listening to the whole record that there was definitely a theme of struggle of being human, you know, there’s a lot of human emotion in there and we’ve had this idea for human race and machine and it just kind of all made sense to come up with the name Human. I think, sometimes, being human is not all what it’s cracked up to be and I think this record definitely has a lot of emotion in it. I think it’s probably one of the most emotional records we have, for sure,” explains Walst about the concept behind the album’s themes.

Overall the album was brilliantly composed and shows that rock is far from dead. Some notable tracks off the record are “Human Race,” “Painkiller,” “Fallen Angel,” “I Am Machine,” “So What,” “Nothing’s Fair in Love & War,” “The End is Not the Answer,” and “The Real You.” Human will not disappoint the fans; Three Days Grace is just warming up.

Three Days Grace - Human
Three Days Grace Human
1) Human Race
2) Painkiller
3) Fallen Angel
4) Landmine
5) Tell Me Why
6) I Am Machine
7) So What
8) Car Crash
9) Nothing’s Fair in Love & War
10) One Too Many
11) The End Is Not The Answer
12) The Real You


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