Of Mice and Men
Worcester Palladium
Worcester, MA
May 12, 2015

Not too long ago, I was able to catch Of Mice and Men on the Full Circle Tour at the Palladium in Worcester. For a Tuesday night, it was quite impressive that the show was sold out. However, to say the evening was incredible is an understatement. It was something that had to be witnessed.

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men

Fans roamed around the venue, searching for their perfect perch to watch the band work their magic. It was a mixture of fans wearing ripped jean shorts, cargo pants, various Metalcore band t-shirts, it eventually became a blur. The venue was certainly heating up as more and more fans showed up for the show. It was not long till Of Mice and Men appeared through the smoky haze rolling across the stage. Austin Carlile, the unclean vocalist, kicked off the set with the two songs from their recent album “Public Service Announcement,” and “Glass Hearts,” with the accompaniment of the clean vocalist/bassist, Aaron Pauley. They continued with “Broken Generation, “O.G. Loko,” “Let Live,” and “You Make Me Sick.” Mosh pits formed and intensified with every second that Of Mice and Men rocked the stage. The fans sang along whole heartedly, waving their horns, and crowd surfers emerged from the chaotic sea of bodies jumping up and down. This was just showing that Of Mice and Men were just getting warmed up.

After “This One’s For You,” they kept the night going with “Feels Like Forever,” “Bones Exposed,” “Would You Still Be There?,” “Never Giving Up,” and “Identity Disorder.” Sadly enough, the night was coming to an end very soon as they finished the set on a killer note with “Another You,” “Second & Sebring,” “The Depths,” and “You’re Not Alone.”

Overall, this was definitely a night to remember and the band brought the show to a whole new level, a very indescribable one, if you will. Be sure to check out the band’s future tour dates.

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