The Paramount
Huntington, NY
June 21, 2015

Not too long ago, I had the incredible chance to see From Ashes to New and P.O.D. (Payable on Death) share the same stage. For a Sunday night and a holiday (Father’s Day), The Paramount was fairly packed.

From Ashes to New

One by one, each concertgoer settled down, having found a perfect spot to perch themselves while awaiting the arrival of From Ashes to New. It wasn’t too long before the band appeared from the shadows, kicking off their set with “My Fight,” “Land of Make Believe,” and “Destruction of Myself.” Their energy was certainly an indescribable one and was an unforgettable experience. From Ashes to New continued with “Live Again, “Through It All,” and “I Will Show You,” ending their short but sweet set with “Lost and Alone” and “Stay This Way.” To say the least, From Ashes to New left the crowd amped up for P.O.D. to conquer the stage.


IMG_8081-WMIt felt like an eternity waiting for P.O.D. to hit the stage. When they finally did, they didn’t let a moment go to waste as they immediately began their set with “Boom,” “Murdered Love,” “Lost in Forever,” and new single from their upcoming album, The Awakening, “This Goes Out to You.” Mosh pits began to form in the center of the venue as the band’s energy washed over the crowd. P.O.D. continued with a few of their classic hits, “Panic & Run,” “Set it Off,” “Without Jah, Nothin’.” For “Youth of the Nation,” front man, Sonny Sandoval, brought out his son JD to accompany the band’s drummer, Wuv Bernardo. Every voice within the venue sang aloud with Sandoval during the chorus. The band kept the show going with another song off the new album, “Revolućion,” and more of their incredible hits, “Southtown,” “Beautiful,” and “Satellite.” Sadly, the night was coming to a close, however P.O.D. ended it on a killer note with “On Fire” and “Alive.” The crowd had left with giant grins plastered on their faces as well as new memories from this night.

Overall, both bands really rocked the night and made their marks on the stage at The Paramount. Be sure to check out future tour dates from P.O.D. and From Ashes to New, both put on great shows!