Lita Ford

August 2015

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Recently, I had the opportunity to do an interview via email with Lita Ford, the former lead guitarist of 1970’s rock band, The Runaways. She will be performing at Food Truck & Rock Carnival in New Jersey on September 20.


New England Music Blog: What was it like to work with Ozzy?

Lita Ford: Ozzy is very talented, and a hoot to work with. It was an honor to perform with him on [Close My Eyes Forever] which we wrote together.


NEMB: What is the one thing that stands out the most to you about your career?

LF: So many things stand out. Good and bad just like anything. I was very lucky to be picked up by Kim Fowley who started The Runaways. Without Fowley, there wouldn’t have been a Runaways. I’m grateful to him.


NEMB: Before his passing, did you stay in touch with Kim Fowley throughout the years? Other than helping you join The Runaways, what else has he helped you with along the way?

LF: I did not stay in touch with Fowley after he left The Runaways as manager. But before he died I was invited to his home, we talked and laughed for hours, he wrote me a song that will be featured on my next up and coming CD. It’s lyrics like I’ve never heard him write before. They truly came from the heart.


NEMB: What is your take on a music industry that caters to Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry?

LF: I don’t listen to that style of music.


NEMB: Also, where do you see the future of music going?

LF: I can only try to control my own music and my music is true and rocking. If music disappears, the world will forever change into a hollow place. Music is art. It’s creativity that is cathartic in a lot of ways. It’s an expression of love or anger.


NEMB: What concepts do you have on how music is performed or how thoughts and compositions are expressed?

LF: I wish music would go back to its basics. USE the instruments, bass drums, guitar keys and vocals. Be a musician and not someone who flips a switch, anyone can do that and it’s not very creative.


NEMB: Have you heard the cover of Close My Eyes Forever done by Device and Lzzy Hale of Halestorm?



NEMB: What are your thoughts about the arrangement?

LF: They made the song theirs. Which if you are going to do a cover song, you’ve got to own it and make it your own, and that they did.

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