Like A Storm

Pure Evil
November 4, 2016


LIKE A STORM has released a brand new single “Pure Evil”, which will be accompanied by a video featuring the band playing in an abandoned Methodist Church in the U.S. “We actually filmed in a place considered to be one of America’s most dangerous cities. We had to hire armed police officers as security – that was a different experience, coming from New Zealand!”. Aside from new music, they are also returning for their fourth tour of Europe/U.K., This time with heavyweights Alter Bridge, Volbeat, Gojira and Living Color.

This new song combines metal drumming and riffage with choirs, electronic music, and the trademark didgeridoo. The band also drew on experience from their relentless global tour schedule. “After playing festivals to crowds like Download and Graspop, we started approaching music in terms of what we could envision seas of people rocking out to in unison” says Kent.

Lyrically the song marks a turning point in Like A Storm’s writing, addressing the dark side of religious and political power. Says guitarist Matt Brooks: “Those members of our society who are supposed to be a shining example of morality are so often revealed to be corrupt, immoral, and even dangerous. The cover ups, scandals and exploitation that pervade the highest levels of church and government are just sickening. So ‘Pure Evil’ seemed like the perfect way to sum up this absolute hypocrisy – these people appear so righteous, but at their core they are the worst of the worst.”

Pure Evil? A didgeridoo? Danger? Where do I sign up?

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