Happy New Year!
Looking back at 2017
and looking forward into 2018
With The Entertainment Outlet

Happy New Year!

2017 was such an exciting year for The Entertainment Outlet.  It was our first full year since evolving from New England Music Blog. Our mission in changing the name of the site, was to change what the perception of our site was.  We are more than just New England, we are more than just music, and we are more than just a blog.

A giant Hulkbuster display at the first HASCON in September

We wanted to showcase more forms of entertainment that just music. We branched out and covered more fan conventions than ever before. We also branched out from rock/metal music genre we have been focused on, covering artist like Matchbox 20, Parachute, and even the latin super star Marc Anthony.

Marc Anthony

As we start to work on our 2018 calendar of upcoming shows, our spidey senses are tingling with all the excitement coming up. From conventions like Rhode Island Comic Con, to big tours like Judas Priest and HUGE album releases like Fall Out Boys “MANIA” (January 19th!) it’s going to be quite a year!

Judas Priest will be bringing their new album, Firepower, in early 2018!

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