World Tour 2017


No, not the blue people.  No, not the Air Benders.  No, not the video game image you think looks like yourself (or you wish looked like yourself)… Avatar, the heavy metal band from Sweden, is coming.

And they are introducing us to their King.

Avatars debut new single, “A Statute of the King” and accompanying music video has been released, and their all new LP Avatar Country is due out January 12, 2018.  Featuring a track list that should certainty “rule”, with titles like “Glory To Our King”,  “Legend of The King”, “The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country”, and “King’s Harvest”.

The King (and the rest of Avatar) will also be performing all over, starting this winter into the spring with honorary Citizens THE BRAINS and sideshow extraordinaire HELLZAPOPPIN.  North American dates will kick off in Columbus, OH on January 6th and travel throughout the US before heading to there European dates in March.

Meet the King, listen to his tales, stay for the (freak)show.







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