Ice Nine Kills in Providence, RI – December 4, 2021

Touring the release of Welcome to Horrorwood, Ice Nine Kills came to The Strand in Providence. Supporting them tonight were Bad Omens, Currents, and Fame on Fire.


We missed Fame on Fire’s set, but by all accounts, they put on a great show. Arriving just in time for the start of Current’s set, the crowd was already warmed up, and ready for a great night of music.


Bad Omens will soon be releasing their third album, The Death of Peace of Mind. Opening with the title track, the audience was already very familiar with the single, which had been released last month. The band played a tight 30 minute set, stopping for a moment in the middle of a song when the audience was signaling something was wrong. After the recent events at Astroworld, frontman Noah Sebastian wasn’t taking any chances, and had the house lights brought on. It appeared somebody was causing a fight, and was escorted out. Thankfully nobody was hurt, and they were able to finish the rest of their set.


In October, Ice Nine Kills released their sixth studio album, Welcome to Horrorwood. A sequel to their last album, The Silver Scream, the band has been leaning heavily into their horror movie influences. Of the 16 songs played tonight, only 1 of them didn’t come from one of these two albums. We hope you’re still in the Halloween spirit (year-round, for me!), with the show this band puts on.

As the curtain rose, an intro track played that explained the songs on Horrorwood had been deemed too grotesque for public consumption, but allegedly linked frontman Spencer Charms to the murder of his fiance. As they kicked into the title track of the album, the crowd exploded with energy. The band came to the stage with masks on, something I’ve seen them do before, but lost them after the first song. In a later song, Charms ran around the stage with a chainsaw.

As I said, they lean heavily into the horror-movie vibe.

While I don’t believe the show was sold out, the house was definitely packed. Fans were singing every word as the band played through song after song. A lot of bands skip over Providence when they come to New England, and just play in Boston. As a band originally from Boston, Ice Nine Kills had a Boston show that was Horrorwood‘s record release party back in October, leaving Rhode Island open for them to play on this leg of the tour. The fans here tonight definitely appreciated the performance.


Welcome to Horrorwood
A Rash Decision
Stabbing in the Dark
Hip to Be Scared
Funeral Derangements
Communion of the Cursed
Assault & Batteries
Farewell II Flesh
The Shower Scene
Rainy Day
A Grave Mistake
Thank God It’s Friday
The American Nightmare

It Is the End

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