The Birthday Massacre and Julien-K in Atlanta, GA – March 26, 2022

Birthday Massacre and Julien K delivered an absolutely electric show at the Atlanta Underground Masquerade. Birthday Massacre promoted their new album Fascination, and Julien K promoted a couple recent projects like “DESPERATION DAY” and Harmonic Disruptor. Their performances catered to new and old fans, performing lots of their older, iconic tracks. Both bands brought crazy energy with live vocals and live instrumentation. 


The electronic, post-punk rock band Julien-K is a Long Beach native three-man band. They started off as an electronic side project created by Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck, after leaving the band Orgy, a LA-based death pop band. The band got their name from 1980 crime thriller film American Gigolo, where Richard Gere’s character was named Julien Kaye. Julien-K’s setlist mainly included songs off of their 2020 record Harmonic Disruptor. Harmonic Disruptor is the band’s fifth studio album, first announced in June 2018, when an Indiegogo campaign was launched to help finance the album. The 2020 record took a different approach than the Long Beach natives usually draw from, this record drawing a lot more industrial metal and heavy instrumentation than their usual electronic rock route. 

The Birthday Massacre

The Birthday Massacre is a Canadian founded rock band that delivers this new sound of gothic electronic rock with psychedelic vocals. The band was first formed when frontman Micheal Rainbow met Sarah Taylor while in college studying at the fine arts program. Rainbow then recruited childhood friend, Michael Falcore to play guitar, and Michael Rainbow’s roommate joining on bass. Before landing on The Birthday Massacre, they went by “Imagica” inspired by the fantasy novel Imajica, then later changing to avoid confusion with another group. They decided on their current name by an old song they recorded. The Birthday Massacre describes themselves as a new wave revival, electronic rock, gothic rock and dark wave. 

The Birthday Massacre and Julien-K have similar sounds and fan bases, and it made for a great show at ‘The Underground Atlanta’.  They delivered everything expected, from a post punk rock show and more, from excellent lighting and stage design, to absolutely jaw dropping vocal performances. Julien-K and The Birthday Massacre for sure know how to energize a crowd. 

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