Nick Cannon Presents: MTV’s Wild ‘n Out Live in Mansfield, MA – June 5, 2022

Nick Cannon must be one of the busiest people in the entertainment industry. As if hosting seemingly dozens of shows on TV wasn’t enough, he decided to take one of his shows on the road. His hit MTV show Wild ‘n Out, has been on the air for nearly 20 seasons, and now Nick and the rest of the cast are hitting the road.

A modest-sized crowd turned out to Xfinity Center on Sunday night, but those who were there were loving it. If you’ve never seen an episode of Wild ‘n Out, it involves two teams competing for the championship through various games that feature freestyle rap battles, and improv comedy lines.

The night kicked off with local DJ, DJ Foreign spinning tracks and hyping up the crowd. After a couple of videos from the show, Nick Cannon made his way to the stage. Full of jokes, including some about his increasing number of baby mamas and children, he instantly got the crowd fired up. He brought out local girls that had been cast as the Wild ‘n Out dancers for the night, and made a point of saying they’ve heard audience’s complains that they don’t feature full-figured women as dancers, and then introduced one they cast for tonight.

After Nick’s spoke for a few minutes, he introduced rapper Jadakiss. The crowd went wild, as this was an unadvertised, surprise appearance! Jadakiss played a 5-10 minute medley of some of songs, as well as other songs he’d performed on, like his hit “We Gonna Make It,” and Puff Daddy’s “It’s All About the Benjamins.”

Nick returned to the stage, and introduced the cast of the show for tonight. Featuring audience favorites from the MTV show, Pretty Vee, DC Young Fly, Hitman Holla, Justina Valentine, Big Mack, Conceited, Charlie Clips, and Emmanuel, and of course DJ D-Wreck was back behind the table.

Kicking off with one of the hit recurring game “Turn Up For What,” the cast took turns giving the audience reasons to turn up. If it was funny, DJ D-Wreck would drop a beat, or if it was unfunny, we would hear crickets. In “Pick Up & Kill It,” they were given specific topics to have a rap battle about. In “Kicking ’em Out the Classroom,” a bunch of school desks came on stage, and one by one, everybody had to freestyle in a short limit of time; if they hesitate too long, they’re kicked out. “Hood Jeopardy” is of course a parody of Jeopardy, but with a “hood” twist to it.

These are just a few of the games played in the nearly 2 hour show. They made sure to involve the audience in the show, during “Let Me Holla.” Usually on the show, the cast will have to come up with a funny pick-up line to use on one of the Wild ‘n Out Girls. This time, they turned it around, and Justina and Pretty Vee picked six girls out of the audience, who in turn got to use their best pickup lines on Hitman Holla. Overall, the girls tanked at this. The confidence they had when they said “pick me!” disappears quickly when you’re on stage and on the spot in front of a few thousand people.

It’s very rare you get a chance to see a TV show come to life in front of you, so for the fans of Wild ‘n Out who turned out tonight, this was surely a night they’d never forget.

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