The Weeknd Performs Sold Out show at Gillette Stadium – July 21, 2022

R&B superstar The Weeknd has just kicked off his first stadium tour, called the After Hours til Dawn tour. The Weeknd’s album After Hours had the unfortunate timing of being released in March of 2020, so this is his first time being able to tour in support of the hit album, which brought us the massive song “Blinding Lights.” He also released the album Dawn FM this past January, so both of these recent albums were heavily featured in his performance.

As the sold-out stadium filled up, you immediately noticed a huge catwalk that ran all the way down the field, with a couple of mini-stages in the middle and at the end. As we drew closer to show time, a giant, inflatable moon rose above the end of the ramp. The lights went dark, and performers wearing red robes slowly walked down the catwalk, spanning the full run of it. The stage set up had a skyline full of familiar buildings from various cities, but with a post apocalyptic look to them. Wearing a mask, The Weeknd Rose up from one of the buildings, and sang “Alone Again” to get the show started.

A few songs in, The Weeknd made his first track down the cat walk, and the audience went wild. During the song “The Hills,” huge jets of Pyro ignited down the catwalk and along the stage. Lights, lasers, smoke and fire all helped elevate his performance to entertain a crowd of over 40,000 people.

The crowd went wild as he played hit after hit, with highlights like “Starboy” and “I Feel it Coming” standing out. In the later half of the show, he sang several songs from the stage at the end, under the giant moon. As a night drew to a close, he played his mega-hit, “Blinding Lights,” and the wristbands that attendees got when they entered the building all blinked in synchronized patterns to the music.

The After Hours till Dawn tour has only just begun, and this is only the first leg, so be sure to catch the show when The Weeknd comes to your town!

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