Three Days Grace Brings the Explosions Tour to Boston – July 28, 2022

Hard rock titans Three Days Grace recently released their seventh studio album, Explosions. As the Explosions Tour starts to make its way around the world, the band came to House of Blues in Boston, with Wage War and Zero 9:36 supporting the show. 

Zero 9:36

Zero 9:36 is a Philadelphia based rapper, who blends his raps and melodies with heavy guitars. He first came to the stage alone, rapping over an intro tape, before the rest of his band came out to join him. You could tell his lyrics came from the heart, and had a deep, personal meaning to him. 

Wage War

It was only a few months ago that we saw Wage War in New England, when they played with Godsmack at the WAAF Big Gig. Three Days Grace was actually supposed to be at that show, too, but canceled day of due to someone in their camp contracting Covid. Tonight, we got a little bit longer of a set from Wage War, who is clearly building up a following fast. With frontman Briton Bond on the unclean vocals, and guitarist Cody Quistad on the clean vocals, the band has the right combo to get the crowd worked up. 

Three Days Grace 

Opening with their recent single, “So Called Life,” and going right into their mega-hit “Animal I Have Become,” Three Days Grace came here to rock tonight. With a catalog full of #1 hits, the crowd sang every word to every song. Some of the highlights of the night were “Pain,” “I Hate Everything About You,” and the show closer, “Riot.” Wage War vocalist Briton Bond made a surprise appearance, and joined the band on stage to sing “The Mountain,” which sent the crowd wild.

In the middle of the show, stools were brought out on stage, and they played a mini acoustic set featuring “The High Road” and “World so Cold.” It was a powerful little break in their set, that the audience really enjoyed. When they brought the electrics back out, a local musician joined them to play guitar on “Just Like You.”

Singer Matt Walst has now been in the band for a decade, and while Explosions is the third band to feature him on vocals, the set is very heavy on the earlier material that featured original singer Adam Gontier. Matt does a fine job on the songs, but it definitely feels there’s a bit of a spark missing in the band. That said, the band sounds great , and there’s no denying the power of their catalog, so it made for an enjoyable night.

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