Bad Bunny at Fenway Park – August 19, 2022

Bad Bunny is heading out around the world on the World’s Hottest Tour. On Friday night, he came to Fenway Park in Boston, bringing Alesso to get the crowd hyped up.


If fans weren’t hyped up for Bad Bunny before, then they definitely were after hearing Swedish DJ and music producer Alesso’s set. He had the perfect mix of classics and more recent hits. Alesso’s set completely matched the vibe of the beach themed stage. Fans were living it up to the best mixes that Alesso had to offer.

Bad Bunny

Beginning with one of his most loved songs, “Moscow Mule,” Bad Bunny made quite the entrance onto the palm-tree filled stage. As expected, the second he came onstage, fans went insane. It’s no surprise this singer, rapper, and producer is loved by so many. Being one of the current top artists in the world, his performance lived up to the deserving title. Out of all of the shows I’ve covered, no crowd could compare to the one Fenway Park held for Bad Bunny. The energy inside and even outside of the stadium was unmatched to all of the others. 

Bringing even more life to the party, Bad Bunny then brought out special guest Chencho Corleone to perform his verse in “Me Porto Bonito.” Fans were singing with every ounce of heart they had in them. Bad Bunny’s fanbase was almost as impressive as his firework-filled performance was. Everyone was standing on their chairs trying to get the best views that they could of the singer himself. I was eager to hear my favorite song from his latest album “Un Verano Sin Ti,” which translates to “A Summer Without You.” The song, “Un Ratito,” exceeded what I had hoped for. Bad Bunny’s vocals, rhythm, and overall energy made this show unforgettable.

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