A Day to Remember Comes to Bangor, Maine – August 3, 2022

Fans gathered from all around Maine to Bangor’s own Maine Savings Amphitheater on August 3rd to witness the stacked tour consisting of Bad Omens, Beartooth and A Day To Remember. 

Bad Omens

Despite the weather being a sweltering 80 degrees, the sun still out, and the venue being an amphitheater with virtually no shade, Bad Omens started the day by hyping the crowd with their song “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND.” Lead vocalist Noah Sebastian, was not even phased by the heat as he was dressed in a heavy coat, transitioning to a full face mask immediately into the third song. They played hit songs such as “Artificial Suicide,” “Nowhere to Go” and ending the set with “Dethrone.” 


When Beartooth took the stage, they immediately got down to business with their song “The Lines.” Lead vocalist, Caleb Shomo, had such a chaotic on stage presence that if you weren’t quick on your feet, you’d miss a shot of him. Dashing around and jumping, he effortlessly got the crowd involved with their set. 

While Beartooth’s overall set was enjoyable, the best part by far was the blessing that is “The Last Riff.” Giving the crowd a chance to rest their vocal cords from singing along to hits such as “In Between” and “You Never Know,” they ended their set with the aforementioned “The Last Riff,” which is just pure instrumental jamming out. I remember just pausing, taking it in, and genuinely enjoying the chemistry I witnessed on stage from the band during it.

A Day To Remember

As a Florida native, I can confidently say there are very few things that are great about Florida. If you were to rank “best things that have come out of Florida” the list would look like: 1. Publix Subs 2. A Day To Remember 3. Air Conditioning. That’s it, everything else is completely debatable. Disney? Sorry, not a tourist, I hate it.

A giant banner that read “ADTR” in a sweet metal-esque font hid the stage as the band prepared to lead the night with “Downfall of Us All.” If you were a Homesick fan, you were in for a treat, as the majority of the tracklist for the night consisted of hits from that. One song that stuck out to me in particular was one of their newer songs called “Rescue Me,” which was created with Marshmello. I won’t lie, when it was first released I wasn’t a huge fan, but hearing it live and hearing the justice that the band did for it, changed my perspective on it entirely.

While we’re all used to one encore song, ADTR treated us to not one, but four encore songs, which put their nightly song total at a whopping 20 songs. If you stuck around, you were treated to an acoustic rendition of “If It Means A Lot To You,” “Monument,” “Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail” and “The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle.” I was insanely impressed with the band’s stamina to perform 20 songs for the whole tour, and even more so with Jeremy McKinnon’s vocal talent to not even be phased the entire time. 

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