Wiz Khalifa and Logic come to Mansfield, MA – August 22, 2022

Wiz Khalifa and Logic are tearing up America on the Vinyl Verse tour. Multiple artists are joining them on the tour, and while we didn’t see all of them, tonight we caught an energetic set from 24kGoldn. Once he was done, the modest-sized crowd absolutely erupted for the co-headliners.

Wiz played all his biggest hits, like “Black and Yellow,” “See You Again,” and “Young, Wild & Free.” Last month he released his seventh album, Multiverse, and he played a few songs from it tonight, like “Bad Ass Bitches” and “Memory Lane.” Wiz was definitely here to party, and the crowd was here to party along with him.

When Logic took the stage, nobody in the house was still. His beats and rhymes had everybody dancing and rapping along. Logic also released a new album this summer, Vinyl Days. It wasn’t as heavily represented in the set, and he actually stated that he’s been changing up the set each night, bringing in classic songs he hasn’t played in years. I’m kind of surprised, given that Vinyl Days has a song, “Breath Control,” featuring an appearance from Wiz Khalfia, that the duo didn’t perform it on stage together.

While the Vinyl Verse tour didn’t sell out the house, the people who turned up got to experience a non-stop night of music, from a lineup of performers who never ceased to entertain.


Wiz Khalifa


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