Daddy Yankee Lands in Boston – September 1, 2022

Puerto Rican reggaeton legend Daddy Yankee took over a sold out Agganis Arena in Boston, as part of his farewell tour, La Ultima Vuelta Tour. Fans of all ages and nationalities flooded the college arena to experience the rapper’s last stand, after a long and prolific career. 

Lights went down shortly before 9pm, as a 5 minute counter lit up on the stage, signaling Daddy Yankee’s arrival was coming soon. The countdown finished and a large plane slowly approaches the stage, an incredible optical illusion that felt like the jet would fly over the crowd. The door opens and out comes Daddy Yankee, kicking off the show with “Campeon”. A troupe of dancers joined him on stage in formation, then broke apart for the first big moment of the night, classic hit “Rompe”.

The reggaeton singer would go through some of his oldest hits, like “Machucando” and “Lo Que Paso, Paso”, and fans went wild. The setlist was jam packed with these classic hits, as well as several tracks off his latest record, Legendaddy, released this year. The first half of the show would be full of nostalgic moments, with Daddy Yankee taking time to share emotional anecdotes with fans, and his gratitude for their support. He would exit for an intermission, allowing the dance crew to take the stage for an impressive choreography.

The production was one of the largest to ever be built in the arena, with changing screens to match each song. Daddy Yankee also had a stunning pyrotechnics show, setting off sparkles, explosions and fire all across the stage. For the songs that were duets, projections of the artists would accompany him: duos like Zion y Lennox, rapper Ozuna and pop singer Luis Fonsi would join the show on screen, making the experience even more special. A live band and DJ were also at the bottom floor of the stage, partially in view. 

The second half of the show would bring massive hits like “Despacito”, “Limbo” and “Dura”, building up to the iconic “Gasolina”, with tons of fire, all of his dancers on stage, and fans chanting as loud as they possibly could. It was the perfect way to close an exciting journey through Daddy Yankee’s groundbreaking career. The biggest highlight of the evening were the fans, proving how his music broke through the language barrier and brought together people from all walks of life, singing along to every word.

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