Twenty One Pilots in Charlotte, NC – September 4, 2022

Every now and then there’s a band that’s energy that stays around for months until the time they roll back  around. For many that’s twenty one pilots, a band that started off as a duo, but quickly launched into a full band of musicians for the past few tours. Fans from all over the country hailed to see Tyler Joseph (lead singer) and Joshua Dun (drummer) absolutely smash it up on stage last night.

Peter McPoland

Before we got to the main event, we had a performance from rising musician Peter McPoland. After his song “Romeo & Juliet” went viral on TikTok last year, he released his debut album, Slow Down, earlier this year. His short-but-energetic set included a cover of “Twist and Shout,” and closed strong with “Romeo & Juliet.”

twenty one pilots

Almost selling out the Spectrum Center, one of North Carolina’s biggest arenas, twenty one pilots did not disappoint. Every minute detail of their live stream that aired over quarantine was present. They made sure their earlier discography was represented fairly as well. We got to be present for a solo from Dr. Blum (Trumpeter and band member) that perfectly connected their newest album, Scaled and Icy. Their set all connected smoothly as one big story—something Twenty One Pilots isn’t too foreign with, as they started storytelling even back when naming the band.

It was refreshing to see so much integration of the band with their fans, making sure no corner of the arena was missed. As we got to talk with some fans, we got the inside scoop of how they had camped out since Wednesday of this same week. “We are all good friends and this band has meant a lot to us growing up.” “We were kicked off the sidewalk several times but kept coming back to try and get barricade.” It doesn’t go unnoticed that this show was equally for the fans as it was for the band. 

Making their trek all the way from an escaped Dema, twenty one pilots (and their crew) put on another fantastic show. You’ll laugh at Tyler’s Dad jokes, cheer for Josh Dun not once, but twice, and leave happier than if you were trying to not get caught in the traffic to the venue. We highly suggest that you make it out to this ICY Tour or any tour of theirs as you’ll be painting the town the next day. 

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