Stephen Sanchez Takes Over Musicians Corner in Nashville, TN – September 9, 2022

In Nashville’s Centennial Park, Musicians Corner has been bringing people free music every spring and fall for over a decade now. This past Friday, Stephen Sanchez headlined the night, bringing his generational talent to the stage.

In June 2020, Sanchez posted a cover of Cage the Elephant’s “Cigarette Daydreams” to TikTok, which gained him over 120k followers. Later on, after posting a snippet of his original song “Lady by the Sea,” he was offered a deal with Republic Records. He went on to release his debut EP What Was, Not Now in October 2021.

After only performing a few shows, Sanchez made his way to Nashville, TN to preform for The Musicians Corner. Sanchez, though only 19 years old, knows a lot on how to captivate an audience. With his fast pace rock songs, Sanchez would be running around the stage and jumping up and down. When Sanchez preformed one of his slower songs, “Hey Girl” he was calm while still very expressive with the way he sung and with his facial expressions.

From start to finish the audience was enthralled with Sanchez’s style and the way he portrayed his art through his music. He’s a rising talent, who I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of!

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