Novo Amor at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA – September 15, 2022

As doors opened for the Novo Amor concert, you could feel the energy shift at his first stop of his North American tour. All the fans became more eager and excited, with emotions rushing over them as they were about to see their favorite artist perform. Fans rushed to grab their spot for the concert and started eagerly waiting.

The lights dimmed and Novo Amor came out, opening with “Sleepless,” one of his popular songs from his 2018 album Birthplace. As the song ended, fans are cheering/screaming and he kicked into his second song of the night with “Repeat Until Death.” Novo’s guitarist Ed unfortunately fell ill with covid, and they had to go on being a guitarist down, resulting in having to shorten the setlist. They explained that it was hard to come to the decision to continue the tour without him, as he plays a vital role in the group, and almost decided to cancel the tour. Fortunately, they found a way to continue while he recovers. Despite the difficult circumstances, Novo Amor still put their absolute all into the show, and gave the fans one awesome night to remember.

Novo Amor continues to prove that despite all difficulties, they love their fans and will do anything for them. Even being short an important member, their first show was an absolute success that left fans extremely happy and feeling all the emotions. It’s a tour that is worth experiencing.

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