MARO Takes On the Mercury Lounge in NYC – September 14, 2022

Houston-based 20-year-old singer Blessing kicked off the MARO’s sold-out tour, which started in NYC at Mercury Lounge on Wednesday night. Blessing came in strong, performing all six songs off of her debut EP, the girl next door. Tonight was her touring debut as well, and you could tell she had such appreciation for having the opportunity to perform her songs to a crowd of people.

Portuguese musician MARO is quite an accomplished 27-year-old. On August 26th she released her 6th studio album, can you see me?, which launched her North American tour. This concert didn’t just mean a lot to MARO, as her songs come from such a deep and personal space, her fans have been captivated by her words. The smoothness of her voice makes her words sound angelic. Many of the fans in that room that night had come all the way from Portugal to see her perform again. In 2018, MARO put out five whole albums within the year. That’s not the only accomplishment, the former Berklee alum went on to represent Portugal in Eurovision in 2022, earning a rank of ninth place in the finale. In one of the last songs on her set, she sang the first verse, and was silent for the rest of the song as the crowd took out their flashlights, and sang the rest of the song for her. I’ve never seen someone smile so big before.

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