Pale Waves at Elsewhere in Brooklyn, NY – September 19, 2022

Pale Waves recently released their first album since before the pandemic, Unwanted. The band took to the United States in support of this album, with London-based BITTERS opening the show.


Due to a last minute cancellation from the original opener Gatlin, London native BITTERS took the stage. She performed all the songs off of her upcoming untitled debut EP. Performing at this set as a one woman show, she did a phenomenal job, interacting with the crowd. She sang songs about love and self acceptance, and you could tell these songs were a glimpse inside her mind. This was not her first time performing with Pale Waves, as she was their previous opener on their European tour earlier this year.

Pale Waves

British rock band Pale Waves are definitely a band you will want to see live. Their stage presence is absolutely insane, it feels like a classic rock and roll concert. Their set included some of their top hits from all three of their studio albums. Suffering through some light technical difficulties a few songs in, they over came the awkward silence by having a few conversations with fans throughout the crowd. Fans of all ages filled the crowd, from young to old no one there was having a bad time. During some songs the lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie let fans in the front row sing some of the verses, you could hear the immense excitement in their voices. Brooklyn was only their third show of the North American tour, but due to unfortunate trouble with their tour bus, the next day they had to cancel the rest of the tour. They plan on picking up touring in Europe in early October.

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