Caamp at Leader Bank Pavilion in Boston – September 25, 2022

Speaking Suns

Based in Yellow Springs, OH, the five man folk/experimental rock band Speaking Suns dates back to 2010. Their fourth album, Terrestrial Year, was released just before the pandemic. The set began with their latest single “100” to just a small crowd. The crowd size quickly changed as the crowd took notice,  filled in their seats, and rocked out with the band for the rest of their set. 

The set list included “Cinder”, “Get Along”, “Talk to You”, “Out of Range” and “Disenchanted”, getting the crowd fired up as each song brought more and more rock and roll energy. Speaking Suns brought great vibes to their set and got the crowd primed for the main act. 


Folk rock band Caamp, hailing from Columbus, OH, is currently finishing up their cross country tour of their newest album Lavender Days. Taylor Meier, Evan Westfall, Matt Vinson, Joe Kavalac and Henry Allen have toured their new album since July, starting on the west coast, with a two night stop at Red Rocks, and their first arena show in their hometown Columbus. The crowd was already on their feet as the band came to the stage, and just absolutely exploded as the band began to play “Come With Me Now;” the first song on their new album, and fittingly the perfect invitation to the crowd to join them on their journey for the rest of the show.

The almost 20 song set included songs from their entire discography, and ended with a wonderful tribute to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac with a cover of “Dreams” that included the boys from Speaking Suns. 

The encore brought a moment with front man Taylor Meier, some words of peace and solo with “Sure Of” which silenced the crowd. Once everyone caught their collective breath, the rest of the band joined Meier on stage for a rocking finish with Meier taking over on drums for “Going to the Country”.

It was a beautiful night for good music, and Caamp delivered on a good time. 

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