Mt. Joy at Pier 17 in New York City – September 8, 2022

Mt. Joy is an American indie rock band from LA. Composed of five members, Matt Quinn, Sam Cooper, Sotiris Eliopoulos, Jackie Miclau, and Michael Byrnes, the group had New York City fans singing into the skies all night long. The rooftop venue, Pier 17, was the perfect setting for their set. This group had people on their feet dancing to the music, had people with their eyes wide at the electric stage lighting, and had people loud for every song. The intensity never faded; all night long they had immaculate energy.

It was a beautiful night for their beautiful music. Lead pianist Jackie Miclau stole the show with a solo that had the audience applauding. A few songs into their set, they had the crowd going wild for one of their hit songs “Julia.” The vocals from Matt Quinn in combination with almost every audience member was absolutely a moment worth witnessing. 

When they closed the show with “Sheep,” a hit single from 2017, it was as if the audience practiced together. People sang together word for word while Mt. Joy performed this incredible track! Sam Cooper, lead guitarist, has magic hands. His electric guitar skills made their exit nothing short of a psychedelic experience. As the crowd cheered, they wrapped up their set and wished NYC well. Truly a band worth seeing and worth keeping an eye on as they take the world at large. Stream their latest albums now! 

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