Denzel Curry at Marathon Music Works in Nashville – September 15, 2022

On September 15th, 2022. Denzel Curry and his four openers came to Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN for his Melt My Eyes See Your Future Tour.

Deniro Ferrar

The first opener for the show went by the name Deniro Farrar. Born Qushawan Farrar, Deniro released his first track in 2010, and has been making music ever since. Deniro was the perfect artist to open for Denzel. His voice is quiet but rasp and he had an incredible, steady flow: making you feel his emotion behind his rapping. He did a great job at getting the audience hyped up for the rest of the show that followed.


Unlike Deniro Farrar, Denzel’s second opener, PlayThatBoiZay, had a much louder style of music. Him and Denzel have actually been on multiple songs together such as “PAT, Bad Luck (Dark nights)” and “POISON KLAN.” Rather than long repetitive lyrics, Zay used his voice to project his style through his music. He was very unique in telling his story that way and the audience was all over it.


Another artist that everyone should expect to hear more of in the future is Redveil. Born Marcus Morton, Redveil started making beats at the age of 11, and still continues to produce beats as well as rap. Redveil has described his music as “triumphant, bright and sunny.” Redveil, along with his DJ, Razelle, brought an exciting style to the stage through their self made music. After his set, Redveil went to the merch table where he met many fans, and signed lots of merchandise. He was an incredible performer as well as a kind individual spreading love to his fans when he came in contact with them.

AG Club

The last, but certainly not least, opener before Denzel Curry’s set was a group by the name of AG Club. The core members of the group, Baby Boy, Jody Fontaine, and Mick Antony, grew up together in the San Francisco area. They have been known to make “music that they would listen to,” while they also claim to listen to everything. So really, they make everything. Their music makes lots of references to things such as favorite movies, video games, etc. However, their music always sounds so original. 

They brought the most amount of energy you could expect at a concert. At one point, Jody Fontaine made his way into the center of the audience to perform part of a song. The audience loved every bit of AG Club’s set and all the energy that came with it.

Denzel Curry

With great openers like that, it all had to have been leading to something great. Denzel Curry was far better than great. The second he stepped out on the stage the audience was going crazier than they were for any of the openers. Denzel had a fair balance of new hits with older classics. The audience was just as engaged when he played his newest songs, such as “X-wing” and “Walkin,’ as when he played some of his older songs such as “ULT.” 

When Denzel performed arguably his most popular song, “Ultimate,”  he had each of the performers on stage rapping along. Some of them were running around the stage, some of them were standing in the audience, but everyone of them rapped the song with all the energy in them, giving the audience their all. 

Denzel Curry has been making music for a while now but he is truly someone that only gets better as time goes on. I am eager to see where he is at in a few years from now.

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