COIN at MGM Music Hall in Boston, MA – September 23, 2022

COIN is an American Indie band based out of Nashville, TN. If I do say so myself this show was worth more than a few coins. They rocked the MGM Music Hall at Fenway, which was in fact the largest COIN show to date. Breaking records on their active tour, I can imagine a very successful future for this group. It was clear they really spend time planning their sets, especially when they performed one of their hit songs “Let It All Out 10:05” and ended it at exactly 10:05pm. The stage engineering was phenomenal, and they had a large clock illuminated on the stage screen for everyone to see the time leading up to 10:05pm.  

Fans screamed and truly adored their stage presence, as well as the living atmosphere their music creates. Couples danced, singles jumped around and sang, and everyone really came together. Something changes in the room when everyone sings lyric for lyric together. This group is definitely a band not a cult, but at times it was almost hard to tell.


Minnesota indie-pop artist Miloe kicked off the evening.


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